How to treat dark Age spots on Face?

Age spots – as the name suggests, is not necessarily due to the age factor. Age spots are generally referred to as brown, black or in some cases gray spots that tends to emerge on the skin surface. The basic scientific reasoning of the age spots is due to unwarranted production of melanin. The reasons for this unnecessary melanin production are likely aging of the skin, unwanted exposure of the skin to the sun or other forms of ultraviolet effects such as skin tanning. Dark pigment spots on the face surfaces mainly due to exposure to the sun.

how to remove age spots

Diagnosis of the age spots on the face is not impossible but a lot of care in any type of treatment has been recommended since any unforeseen may cause a permanent damage to the face. Following, however, have been widely implemented and are listed for your consideration only:

  1. Certain medical procedures have been developed to cater for these age spots on the face. It is highly recommended that dermatologist or plastic surgeon should be consulted before carrying out any kind of medical procedures. The tried and effective medical procedures are as under:-

    1. Laser technology treatment which will help to kill the skin cells responsible for production of excessive melanin

    2. Chemical peels is also widely used that sheds the upper affected skin and enable room for new skin to grow

    3. Process called cryosurgery in which liquid nitrogen is used to freeze the age spots

  2. Prescribed medicines is also another way of treating the dark spots on the skin. Of all the bleaching creams and skin lighteners available in the market, Skin Light cream is the best of all. The fact that the cream is free of Vitamin C and hydroquinone content is the proof of the fact that it is made out of natural products and is just perfect for treating the age spots on the face. It takes a while to treat your skin using Skin Light cream but this has been regarded as the most effective and cost effective method to treat the age spots on the face.

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